The Processes Involved In The Manufacture Of Folding Cartons. The Process Begins With The Design And Ends With A Finished Product. The Steps To Make Your Folding Carton Are As Follows:


This Is Where The Box Process Starts. Ideas Are Discussed, Samples Are Made And Submitted To The Customer. With The Help Of Our Inside Employees And Talened Outside Contracters You Can Be Assured To Have The Best Box Design For Your Product.

An example of our folding carton design services in San Bernardino County, CA

Sheeting Of Material

Upon Final Approval From You The Laser Box Cutting Dies Are Produced. It Is Time To Get The Material Ready To Print And Die Cut. Depending On The Grade And Size Of The Box, The Material Necessary To Manufacture The Carton May Already Be In Roll Form. If The Required Material Is Not In Sheet Form, Mill Rolls Will Be Sheeted To The Excact Required Size To Manufacture The Folding Cartons.

Printing Of Sheeted Material

This Is Where The Fun Begins. Pacific Forest Uses Mann Roland Offset Printing Presses Poised To Print Your Boxes. With Printing Capabilities Of Up To 6 Colors And AQ Coating, You Are Guaranteed That You Will Receive The Printing Quality You Request And Deserve.

Die Cutting Of Printed Material

Once The Printed Sheet Is Finished The Material Moves To The Die Cutting Process. Here With Of Use Of Laser Die Cutting Technology The Folding Carton Box Blanks Are Die Cut In Preparation For The Folding Glueing Application.

Folding Gluing Of Printed And Die Cut Boxes

Now You Can See What Your Finished Box Looks Like. What These Machines Do To Finish Your Box Is Really Exciting. They Are Folded And Glued With Computer Technology. Watching Them Fly Thru The Machine Is Amazing. From Here They Are Boxed, Labeled, Palletized And Prepared For Shipment To You.