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We are a manufacturer of quality die-cut chipboard products and folding cartons.

Pacific Forest Industries, Inc. is capable of manufacturing almost any type of die cut/printed product. Our available equipment lends us to convert from the smallest one by one sheet to a large 32 x 47 sheet.

Using state of the art techniques, we will design, print, die cut, fold and glue, store (if necessary) and deliver your products as requested at competitive prices.

All products are delivered in Southern California with our own delivery equipment. Common Carriers are used for all items not located within our local delivery area.

The primary manufacturing equipment available to produce your products is as follows:


Four Color 50 inch offset press
Six Color 50 inch offset press


20 X 32           Thompson Die Cutter
32 x 47            Thompson Die Cutter
40 inch            Bobst Die Cutter
50 inch            Bobst Die Cutter

Bobst Media 100 straight line
Post straight line


Hamblet 40 inch
Hamblet 60 inch

In addition to the above major equipment PFI has all of the necessary equipment necessary to support the above listed manufacturing equipment.